Roadmap to the new retirement

At Farstad Portfolio Management we have developed an innovative step-by-step process that maximizes the effectiveness of retirement planning.

Our process integrates the principles of total wealth management with the generation of after tax income – a vitally important financial issue for retirees.

We create completely customized individual retirement plans – A Roadmap To The New Retirement – that offer four compelling competitive advantages over most of the retirement plans with which they compete.

Our retirement plans

  • Comprehensive and rigorous in the calculation of assets and existing income flows versus fixed and discretionary spending. As a result, our retired clients get a true, unbiased analysis of precisely where they stand. And, based on careful and cautious projections, where they will stand financially going forward.
  • Built around an understanding of key issues such as liabilities, the impact of inflation, and the implications of death or disability. Our retirement plans are grounded in something many other plans neglect – financial reality.
  • Carefully crafted to preserve capital, minimize risk, and maximize the value of your estate. Our retirement plans are fundamentally – and we make no apologies for this – robust and defensive.
  • Above all, our retirement plans are simple to understand, easy to administer, and supported by fees both moderate and completely transparent.

If you, or someone you know, needs advice and counsel about retirement planning, please contact Farstad Portfolio Management.